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PO Box 497, Ormeau, Queensland, Australia, 4208.
ABN: 96 326 216 286
Our People
"The world is our warehouse..."
International Trade Management and Procurement Solutions
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Our People
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Our aim is to provide a professional, reliable and efficient service. We are not only a service provider,
we also want to be our clients' working partners.
To get through this global economic downturn, every importer and exporter needs to find the
most effective way to maximize savings; every manufacturer needs to find a reliable source to support it's business. Canaima can be the bridge between your business and a high profit margin.

Canaima is willing to source any product from anywhere in the world, from building supplies to international recognized alcoholic beverages, from furniture to military hardware.

Our products are as diverse as our clients' requirements.

From the Director's Desk

My name is Favio Carroll. I'm the founder of Canaima Pty Ltd.

Canaima is a dynamic global Sourcing Group which specializes finding the products your company requires, we also facilitate manufacturing enabling companies to dramatically reduce costs through outsourcing all or part of their manufacturing needs to countries with lower taxation requirements, reduced labour costs, and relevant quality control programs.
We have a vigorous approach to solving sourcing issues and the requirements of our clients. Accommodated by our knowledge and experience, a strong supply base, and our desire to build strong enduring relationships with our clients, we at Canaima pride ourselves on facilitating optimum and sustainable solutions to suit sourcing and manufacturing enterprise. 

Canaima is a company defined by the character and integrity of its people.  Our values underpin our initiative in harmony with client and company expectation.  Our strength lies in our outstanding reputation in service and integrity, collaboration and our passion to make your experience with Canaima superior to any other. 

Canaima's services include project management, source selection, engineering coordination, quality assurance, logistics, and cost reduction. The Products we source are as diverse as our customers. We are also able to offer your product overseas or facilitate trading between countries.

Based in Australia, Canaima has agents in North and Latin America, Canada, Europe, eastern Europe, Africa, China and Australasia and in key areas of business ready to make your procurement and sales fast and efficient. 

We at Canaima, look forward to assisting you with your sourcing, manufacturing and sales requirements. 

At Canaima, the world is our warehouse.

Favio Carroll founder Canaima Pty Ltd.